Glo’s Gumbo (12 pak) - $95.99

Gather friends and family to enjoy the experience of a hearty meal (feeds 24 people)

In the early 1940’s Grandpa Goudeau made Gumbo regularly for his family.  It became a favorite amongst family and friends.  Gloria (his daughter) made it for her family and friends entertaining great memories.  Now our tradition is being passed on to you.  Enjoy Glo’s today!


Glo’s Gumbo

 is a traditional southern food experience that has been passed down for three generations.  Loaded with chicken, Andouille Sausage, vegetables and various spices, it proves to be a crowd pleaser for any occasion. 

Start the tradition of having Glo’s for a family meal (feeds 6 people)

Keep enough Gumbo in the fridge for the next day (feeds 12 people)

Glo’s Gumbo (3 pak) - $41.99

Glo’s Gumbo (6 pak) - $62.99